• Global NETalk

    New Technology Product Release, Website, Packaging and Marketing

    Clients: O.W.I.P. Holdings & Shareholders
    Objective: To bring a new voice technology, V.O.I.P (Voice Over Internet Technology), service company to market including the sales website, brand identity,  marketing materials (print, email & online), packaging & product inserts, etc., within an extremely aggressive development schedule  & limited budget.
    Target Market: Households with traditional phone service, Persons & businesses that make a lot of long distance calls, especially international.

    Role:  Senior Graphic Designer

    Challenges: Bringing a fairly new technology to market within a limited time frame with a limited budget.

    Approach: Design and implementation of finished products consisting of fully functioning websites with forms, databases, sign-up and shopping cart abilities; plus brand identity and advertising marketing materials such as print brochures, emails and banner ads in the direct mail and internet market.


    Eric Fox, Director of Technology, O.W.I.P. Holdings

    “Olga is by far one of the most creative and efficient artists I have ever had the pleasure working with. She is very detail oriented and strives for perfection on all her work. She is able to manage her time and meet required deadlines reliably. She is extremely personable and diligent about her workplace mannerisms.”

    Jana Yeakel, Director of Technology, O.W.I.P. Holdings

    "Olga is a creative manager's dream! She is not only an extremely talented artist and graphic designer, she is also very easy to direct. She understands and follows instructions with the greatest detail and creative flair, with a smile on her face. She is always wanting to enhance her skill level and picks up new tools and techniques rapidly. Olga is also one of the rare artists that has a real techincal understanding.

    Olga is a responsible and hard working team member, and I highly recommend her as a top notch addition to your work force. Please feel free ot call me for any further details."

    Samples of work product including graphic design, website UI/UX design, presentation, illustration andinformation graphics – variety in style and project type is the focus here.